Baltic Area Showcase

24th June 2013
Creative Industrious Pioneering

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The Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle is a historic city centre area, which has enjoyed a steady Renaissance, becoming one of the city’s prime locations to live, work and play. Just a stone’s throw from the Albert Dock – part of the city’s World Heritage Site - and shopping destination Liverpool ONE, the Triangle is home to a growing colony of creative people and entrepreneurs whose combined talents are helping to develop and shape the historic area.

With over 150 businesses located in the neighbourhood the range is diverse and dynamic. From established national and international digital agencies to start-up graphic designers and app developers; cafes, eateries, late night music venues, historic brewers and even a newly opened artisan bakery; printers, mechanics, tyre repair shops and carwashes.

Baltic blends the practical with the creative and the new with the historic.

12 months ago The Baltic Triangle CIC was formed to support and represent the area at a strategic decision making level.

The continued growth and success of the area from a strategic planning perspective has seen the Baltic Triangle recognised as one of eight distinctive neighbourhoods in the City Centre Strategic Investment Framework, demonstrating the area’s potential for change and in particular its unique identity and energy, which has already attracted an increasing number of new businesses and residents to the area. The Showcase Event is a first for the area and will highlight and celebrate some of the many achievements and success stories from the areas current businesses, which include some of the UK’s most exciting digital and creative agencies and start-ups.

The Baltic Area showcase has been created and curated by businesses within the area and demonstrates the collaborative approaches people working within the business neighbourhood have adopted.

This aim of the inaugural event is to demonstrate the continued development of the area as a vibrant economic neighbourhood – raising its profile across cultural, business and education communities.

We invite you to join us on Monday 24th June for a series of early evening events, some food & drink and a chance to meet other people who are proud to call the Baltic Triangle home.

"The Baltic Triangle is changing quickly as more businesses and organisations choose to locate here. The area is a place where collaboration is encouraged.

The Showcase event is the perfect opportunity for the area to present a snapshot of the growth already achieved, what is planned over the next few years and where we think there is more potential. As part of the Accelerate festival fringe, the area is keen to share the opportunities that currently exist and to start engaging with potential investors, whether in land, buildings, businesses and ideas. If you haven't previously been aware about what might be possible and think you could contribute to the area's development make sure you attend the Showcase event."

Antony Pickthall – Chairman for the Baltic Triangle CIC

The Strategic Investment Framework (SIF) is a city centre based masterplan that sets out a vision for the next 15 years of development.

Focused on creating a city that works for its people and supporting a strong sense of place, the SIF follows on from the previous planning framework that saw the development of Liverpool One and ACC Liverpool.

The ambition is to make Liverpool one of the world’s best cities to live, work, invest, study and visit.

The continued growth and success of the Baltic Triangle from a strategic planning perspective has seen the area recognised as a one of eight ‘distinctive neighbourhood’s’ in the city’s Strategic Planning Framework 2012. Demonstrating the area’s potential for change and in particular its unique identity and energy, which is set to appeal to an increasing number of new residents and businesses.

‘The Baltic Triangle is the creative workshop for the City Centre, a place where trades mix together with artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians. The area is a quirky, alternative destination, where new communities are forming, embracing traditional trades, artists and creative and digital businesses. The architecture is functional, reflecting the industrial traditions of the area, and the street names reflect the mercantile past.’

The Events

The Baltic Area Showcase event is a demonstration of the collaborative nature of the business community within the Triangle. Commissioned by the Baltic Triangle CiC with support from Plus Dane Group, The new Studio School and Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

The showcase event is a collective effort featuring work from:

Event Partners and Funders